The Process

Below are typical processes for both planning applications such as minor variances and zone amendments, as well as building permits and shoreline/conservation authority permits. 

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Some More Information

Project Location: This process can vary slightly in each municipality and township, and therefore can change based on where you are located. When we meet with you to discuss your project, we will discuss the specific nature of your project, and the specific requirements of your municipality or township. 

Timing: Timing will also vary depending on where you live. Some townships and municipalities have public meetings every month, and some only have them once every couple of months or as needed. If you are applying for shoreline restoration projects, sometimes those permits can take anywhere from 6-8 months from the date of application to come back.  

Surveys: Most municipalities require that a recent survey prepared by a land surveyor is submitted with the planning application. If you do not have a recent survey, this can take 6-12 weeks to be completed, depending on the time of year.